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The journey began in 2010 itself, although being a post graduate in Economics, my career was going nowhere as I feel I was not born to be an academician or pursue so called blue collared jobs. I am more happy pursuing my natural inclinations and hobbies which includes dancing & painting. I was more inclined to explore my creative side, and bringing something out of the box always excites me.

In June 2010, a chance encounter with the intricacies of the business of making wonderfully designed and fashionable jewellery happened. It was an accident encounter but it sparked an idea. Why not make women of all ages look more beautiful and attractive through this craft applying all my creative inputs? Why not by mixing and matching designs by combining colours, transform the most ordinary woman to gorgeous, beautiful & vivacious?
Here is a business which is uncertain, risky and yet exciting and so I started out.


Founded in 2010, SPARKLES today offers a stylish collection of costume jewellery to cater to the latest style statement of women of all ages. Those who are looking for something special for a special occasion this is your ultimate destination. We work 24×7 to catch up with the latest trends and fashion, and bring innovative collection of exquisite jewellery at your disposal.


SPARKLES have a collection of a variety of stone studded designs of Necklaces, Pendants, Finger Rings, Tanmanyya, Bracelets, Bangles, and Earrings. Added to it, we also have a collection of eye-catching Crystal Jewellery designed for women of all ages.


Our innovative jewellery designs, quality of stones and affordability are the three top reasons why SPARKLES has been a popular brand in Indian Jewellery category.


A Post Graduate in Economics, Susmita is a prolific dancer, a painter, a jewellery designer with a special interest in experimenting with stones and metals.


She lives in Kolkata with her husband and her little daughter ‘Tupur’ and loves to take the driver’s seat on weekend long drives.



From earrings and bracelets to hairbands and hair combs, our collection is truly diverse! Exclusive jewellery that is handpicked for the modern women of today. International designs at great prices for you to easily own a piece from our luxurious collection. We bring you the latest trends from around the globe in brilliant collections that are sure to please the palates of all girls, women and men alike! Accessorise with us for any occasion, be it a casual outing, a theme party, a glamorous brunch or even our luxurious Indian weddings!